Dentures Created by Your Reconstruction Dentist in Waltham can Restore Your Smile

Our dentures are customized to not only restore the balance, health, and function of your bite but also complement your appearance. Missing teeth make eating and speaking extremely difficult and can make you feel self-conscious. Because teeth provide underlying support to facial muscles, missing teeth allow cheeks to sink and lips to curl inwards, which can make patients look older than they are. With our on-site lab and Dr. Cummings commitment to the process, many patients want and are grateful for our customized service. To learn more about how the treatments of your reconstruction dentist in Waltham can help you, please contact us today.

Featured Cases

Dentures: Case 1

This patient has not replaced her dentures in over 15 years. She wanted new dentures for her lip and face support. Patients with dentures older than 5-7 years often lose support and therefore need to replace.





Dentures: Case 2

This patient came to me with dentures that were 15 years old and had to do something because the lower kept breaking. These cases are very challenging because learning to wear new dentures is a frustrating experience. We made this patient look better with lighter color and better shaped teeth. We also got the lowers to show a little more and improved the fit and bite. It took this patient about one week to adapt.





The Denture Procedure

Creating a set of dentures often requires about three visits to our office. Dr. Cummings will first take a series of measurements and impressions of your gums and any existing teeth. Next, he will create a wax model from the impressions. You will try this model on several times so that the dentist can adjust the design and determine the correct shape and fit. He will also use the model to make sure the coloring and overall look of the denture complement your appearance. Once the model is approved, Dr. Cummings will work with a technician in our on-site dental lab, overseeing the fabrication of your new smile.

In just a few visits, you can have a new set of dentures that helps you look and feel your best. When the final denture is finished, you will return to our office, where Dr. Cummings will perform any necessary adjustments to achieve a proper fit. He will also provide you with instructions for dentures care and maintenance.

Implant Dentures

Some patients, after they receive their new dentures want more. They understand that implants can eliminate the need to remove dentures daily. We prepare for this process and the newly fabricated dentures serve as excellent temporaries while having dental implants inserted.

What are some advantages of implant supported dentures?

  • Patient confidence in the ability to chew and speak with ease
  • Reduced maintenance of denture fit
  • No need for pastes and adhesives to keep your dentures in place
  • Most patients experience less gum irritation and wear
  • Bone loss can be reduced and provide more of a natural looking jawline

These advantages over traditional dentures are due to strategically placed dental implants that allow your new denture to snap into place. Since these dental implants become a permanent part of your mouth, they can allow you to easily fasten or remove your denture and have confidence in your mouth function!

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