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Boston Area Full Mouth Reconstruction

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction refers to the entire treatment and replacement of all a patient’s teeth. The total number of teeth replaced or treated can range however from 20-28 depending upon the patient’s goals. Our Waltham Dental Practice performs this procedure consistently trying to minimize appointments while optimizing the patient experience. We serve the Boston Area because we are conveniently located on Main Street.

How Long Does This Process Take?

Full mouth reconstruction can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. We perform Full Mouth Reconstruction on patients that need to reestablish their bite, their appearance, replace missing teeth, and more. Shorter treatment times are always associated with people that do not need implants or extensive gum treatment.

Does It Hurt?

No, it may be tiring and requires some stamina for the longer appointments required. Full Mouth Reconstruction typically takes about 5 or more appointments to complete.

How Do I Know If I Need This?

Full mouth reconstruction can be looked at as a want or a need. For the Boston Area and Waltham, we have seen patients that fit into both categories. Patients that have trouble chewing, are uncomfortable, and ashamed to smile need it. Others feel that they want it because they feel fine but want to look better. It can be a very predictable treatment that is often life changing. Our patients feel more engaged than ever upon completion.

Patient Tips For Full Mouth Reconstruction in the Boston Area and Waltham

Be sure to trust your choice of dental offices before beginning. Make sure they have complete control of the laboratory procedures for cases as we have an onsite lab for ultimate quality control. Be confident that full mouth reconstruction will change your life for the better.

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