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As the leading dentist in Belmont, MA, Dr. Jeffrey S. Cummings has been fully committed to dentistry in Belmont for 35 years and has an equally talented and experienced team to match. Together, we strive to help patients achieve the smiles they dream of and enhance their confidence along the way.

With patient comfort as our number one priority, we take the time to listen to patients about their dental health struggles, prior experiences they’ve had with dentists, and the kind of treatment they’re seeking. We then collaborate with them on discovering the best treatment plans for them.

Of course, patient education is also essential. We ensure that patients are clear about what to expect each step of the way so that they can make the most informed decisions about their dental health.

We want to provide our patients with the most comfortable and welcoming experience at a dental office. With this in mind, we offer a semi-private office environment so that they will rarely come across another patient while waiting for an appointment.

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We’re looking forward to transforming your smile one step at a time!

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